About Us

Finley Ridge Whitetails was established in January 2022. Expanding on the great success at our original location in Edmonton, KY from 2019-2021, our family deer farming operation was moved to our new location in Campbellsville, KY. A father-son business venture quickly became a full family endeavor which has been rewarding in so many ways. A love and respect for Whitetail deer has grown into a full time deer farm offering breeder bucks, stocker bucks, deep pedigree does, and artificial insemination straws. Our goal is to create clean, consistent 200" two year old stocker bucks to meet the demands of Kentucky's amazing Hunting Preserves.

One of the best things about working in the deer industry, besides getting to walk among these beautiful creatures every day, is meeting other deer farmers and establishing relationships. We have made some great friends and business partners and look forward to many more. We are dedicated to the growth of our industry and welcome visits from anyone interested in learning more about becoming a Kentucky Deer Farmer. Our industry is strong and led by the Kentucky Alternative Livestock Association, we encourage everyone to visit their website www.kalaky.net