Fawns are the most exciting part of deer farming. Each year's group of fawns is better than the year before as breeders work to improve their genetics and produce bigger and better bucks. For this reason we don't sell many fawns, but there are years when an overabundance of doe fawns can open up our pens to sell. All of our doe fawns are bottle fed, vaccinated, TB/Brucellosis Certified and will be registered with the North American Deer Registry https://nadeerregistry.com/ Please contact us if interested.

2115D SOLD

Bottle fed, TB/Brucellosis and CWD monitored herd. 2115D is a super friendly 2021 white fawn

NADR 340089 Triple Secret/Gladiator's Dooley/O365(Express son)

She has been exposed to our biggest yearling buck and will likely breed this year. Ready for a new home, $2000

2120B SOLD

TB/Brucellosis and CWD monitored herd. 2120B is a very calm white buck fawn

NADR 340090 Triple Secret/Second Amendment/Y16 (Secret Weapon son)

Ready for a new home $2000

2022 Fawns Coming Soon