Pedigree Does

Ask anyone in the deer industry and they will tell you, big bucks come from power does! We took this to heart when we got started and bought the best pedigree does available. Our does have all produced healthy fawns, several girls with triplets, and our buck pen is proof of their production. We are proud of the strong Kentucky blood lines in our girls! We have 29 does on the farm, let us know if interested in adding some of these genetics to your program. The seven does listed below are the foundation of Finley Ridge Whitetails.

Yellow 1

NADR 189561 Joan of Arc, she leads all the does in production. Her offspring include Thunder Struck, our breeder buck.

Orange 71

NADR 243672 Peaches, sweetest deer on the farm and an amazing mother. We love her big healthy fawns.


NADR 244266 Tina, a Yellow 1 daughter, she started off slow for us but her 2021 triplets show that she has the power doe genes.


NADR 274068 Miss Incredible, bringing big time power with this pedigree, womb sister to Mr. Incredible, a Triple Crown daughter anchored off the Bonnie line


NADR 274088 Rose, another strong Yellow 1 daughter with a lot of Northern DNA ready to bring in the Texas outcrosses.


NADR 274089 Big Bertha, big bodied doe that always had the biggest fawns. We lost her to cancer in 2021, but she left a strong legacy at FRW.


NADR 274101 Gretchen, big bodied and a little aloof but a great momma to her fawns. Unique Kentucky bloodline that has done well for us.